Travelling and cooking ever since he graduated from college (IHM Shimla) , Chef Amit has done much more in a five year span than his peers could ever do. In search of good food and innovative cooking, Amit has been to South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, Oman among many other countries. His primary job to help restaurants come up with exciting concepts and helping them with setting up the same. Amit specializes in Continental cooking styles and is now endeavoring to give them a modernist twist.
In order to give back to the community, the Chef has collaborated with the Alligator to showcase his original recipes. And now, you can polish off a fancy meal in the comfort of home, following recipes from internationally renowned chefs like him.

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The Chef in action.


Amit at the International Food Showcase, Delhi.





Edible Flowers. Herb Crumble. Elderflower Foam.



Ham. Watercress. 





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Table Surprise. Fresh Vegetables, Modernist roulade.

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Roulade, Spinach.

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